Charlie Gilmore Released On Curfew

We, as I am sure many feel, are relieved that one more person is lucky enough to be released on a home detention curfew, also known as ‘tagging’, where he can be looked after by his parents and helped to recover not just from the prison experience but also the media coverage.

What many people seem to forget, however, is that while he did, indeed admit to two out of the three counts of Violent Disorder, he did not with the third – it was a judge’s ruling on a basis of probability that he had committed the act – a far cry from the high bar of “beyond reasonable doubt” and a jury that we usually hold for such offences.

Hence, the sentence that he was handed down from the height of a judges gavel was a third too long. A third, that thankfully he will not have to serve alone.

Welcome back to the world, Charlie.

Read more about his release in the Independent Online

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